May 14, 2010

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CDCR Staff Recognized for Efforts During 2009 Riot

SACRAMENTO – The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) today recognized staff during a ceremony held at the California Institution for Men (CIM) for employees who exhibited extraordinary bravery and conduct in the 2009 riot at CIM where public safety was at risk. More than 60 employees from CIM and nearby institutions who participated in the crisis response team role with the August 8-9 2009 riot were honored with Unit Citations.

CDCR Secretary Matthew Cate thanks local law enforcement for assistance during the Aug. 8-9, 2009, riot at CIM.

The Unit Citation is for great courage displayed by a departmental unit in the course of conducting an operation in the face of immediate life-threatening circumstances.

“I want to commend CIM acting Warden Aref Fakhoury and the courageous CIM staff who responded to end this major disturbance,” CDCR Secretary Cate said. Cate also praised staff from nearby institutions for their assistance. He also thanked local law enforcement agencies who responded from the cities of Chino, Chino Hills and Ontario, along with the Chino Valley Independent Fire District for their assistance.

The investigation following the riot determined that racial tensions were the cause of the incident, resulting in the temporary loss of up to 1,300 reception beds, and an estimated $5 million in damages at the California Institution for Men Reception Center West Facility. CDCR transferred approximately 1,150 inmates who were displaced by the riot. Incredibly, no staff was injured during the melee that lasted nearly four hours.

Many families members and friends attended the event.
Matthew Cate swears in Warden Aref Fakhoury at the event. He had been acting warden.
The CIM Honor Guard posted and retrieved flags during the ceremony.
Several hundred were in attendance.
Secretary Matthew Cate thanks the CIM staff and others who responded for their bravery and commitment to public safety.

List of Today’s Honorees


The Distinguished Service Medal is for an employee’s exemplary work conduct with the Department for a period of months or years, or involvement in a specific assignment of unusual benefit to the Department.

Correctional Lieutenant Mark Hargrove, California Institution for Men


The Unit Citation is for great courage displayed by a departmental unit in the course of conducting an operation in the face of immediate life-threatening circumstances.

The following individuals from the California Institution for Men were recognized with the Unit Citation.

Supervising Registered Nurse II Russell M. Alano, Correctional Officer Erich A. Allen, Correctional Sergeant Daniel A. Alva, Correctional Sergeant Joshua A. Bain, Correctional Officer Jose M. Becerra, Correctional Officer Dwayne Bonffil, Correctional Sergeant Jesus J. Borbon, Correctional Lieutenant Cris J. Caldwell, Correctional Officer Arcadio Cancino, Correctional Officer Michael M. Capstic, Correctional Officer Kim C. Carson, Correctional Officer Eric F. Caver, Correctional Officer Devin O. Chavez, Correctional Officer Thomas F. Collins, Correctional Officer Luis Corona, Correctional Officer Leo Crawford Jr., Correctional Sergeant Shely E. Crosby, Correctional Officer Robert A. Culver, Supervising Registered Nurse II Karen A. Eke, Supervising Registered Nurse II Nick R. Evans, Correctional Officer Emilio E. Flores, Correctional Sergeant Dwayne M. Franklin, Correctional Officer Steven R. Frick, Correctional Officer Sean W. Gaston, Supervising Registered Nurse II Jorge F. Gomez, Correctional Lieutenant Vernon Grant Jr., Correctional Counselor I Ross K. Guerrero, Correctional Officer Carlos C. Gutierrez, Correctional Officer LaTanya D. Hall, Fire Captain Christopher T. Hassell, Correctional Lieutenant Eddie J. Hernandez, Correctional Counselor II Lewis R. Jeffers, Correctional Officer La Ron M. Jones, Correctional Officer Luisito S. Jose, Correctional Officer Timothy Lamb, Correctional Sergeant Jesse Lara, Correctional Lieutenant Andrew R. Lazarus, Correctional Sergeant George L. Liera, Correctional Sergeant Ricardo Matute, Supervising Registered Nurse II Patrick D. McMahon, Correctional Officer Dominic G. Mendoza, Correctional Officer Joseph L. Miller, Correctional Officer Steven R. Mohr, Registered Nurse Antoinette M. Montesa, Correctional Officer Calvin Mosley, Correctional Officer Raquel Olague, Correctional Officer Patrick T. Oneil, Correctional Officer Hector M. Perez, Supervising Registered Nurse III Elena Purcar, Correctional Officer Saul G. Ramirez, Correctional Officer Steven Rodgers, Correctional Officer Jose A. Ruiz, Fire Captain Gary M. Simoes, Correctional Sergeant Sombo Thon, Correctional Officer Monica Wise.

The following individuals from nearby institutions, who participated in the crisis response team role were also recognized with Unit Citations.

Correctional Officer Anthony R. Ramos, Sierra Conservation Center; Correctional Officer John B. Diyorio, California Institution for Women; Correctional Lieutenant James F. Barrera, California Rehabilitation Center; Correctional Officer Sammy L. Bell, California Rehabilitation Center; Correctional Officer Howard K. Dowdell, California Rehabilitation Center; Correctional Officer Michael B. Horta, California Rehabilitation Center; Lieutenant Dan A. Gonzalez, California Rehabilitation Center; Correctional Officer Alexander Lopez, California Rehabilitation Center; and, Henry S. Luce, Parole Agent I, Parole Region IV.