Inmates from the California Department of Corrections (CDC) have been dispatched to Marin County where they are rushing to build a protective berm around a power plant threatened by rising flood waters. The Ygnacio sub-station, owned by PG&E, is located about five miles west of the San Rafael Civic Center.

More than 300 inmates from 18 crews are working around the clock to help save the endangered power plant. They arrived earlier today from CDC Conservation Camps in central and northern California.

Similar inmate crews came to the rescue during the 1997 floods when they constructed a berm around the small town of Meridian in Sutter County.

The minimum security inmates are normally assigned to the conservation camps located in rural areas throughout the state. The camps house almost 4,000 inmates and are operated jointly by CDC and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

Note: The inmate crews are staging out of the San Rafael Civic Center. CDC and CDF officials can be contacted there for additional information.