The State of California files a request for an extension to the Three Judge Court ruling that requires a reduction in prison population by December 31, 2013. The following statement was released by Secretary Jeffrey A. Beard, Ph.D. in response to the filing.

“We are hopeful that the federal judges will recognize the many steps the state has already taken to improve health care and reduce the inmate population in our prisons as well as the significant steps we are embarking upon with our partners in the criminal justice system to achieve further lasting solutions, and that they will grant an extension to their deadline.

An extension will allow us to develop some in-state capacity before the end of the year and to begin initiatives approved in SB 105 which will reduce recidivism, promote public safety, and help divert inmates from our state prisons. Without an extension, these important initiatives will be delayed as the state will have to move forward with a capacity-only option in order to fully comply with the court-ordered population cap without releasing inmates early.”

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