The Secretary’s Strategic Plan provides a vision for CDCR to improve and streamline its communications with internal staff and external Stakeholders. Particularly, as the Department continues to undergo policy, personnel, and mission changes at this crucial juncture, it has grown even more incumbent upon CDCR’s Office of Communications and External Affairs (OCEA) to provide prompt and accurate information to all of its external stakeholders as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Under Goal 4 of the Strategic Plan, CDCR will strive to “achieve excellence in infrastructure and administration.” In particular:

By June 30, 2013, CDCR will improve internal and external communications by 30 percent as measured by the communication index.

Due to the abundance of high profile issues and the numerous sources of information, it is a difficult challenge to effectively communicate both internally and externally. To address this issue, CDCR will strengthen its communication strategy to proactively inform and educate staff, law enforcement agencies, community stakeholders and providers, victim advocates, legislators, the media, and the public on critical issues and advances in correctional administration and rehabilitation.

To these ends, OCEA has developed a survey designed to ascertain how successful CDCR is in communicating information to you. You may complete the survey online here.

The results of this survey will provide us with a baseline measurement. Once these baseline results are obtained, OCEA will seek to make improvements in its communication methods and then, with the aid of subsequent surveys, measure whether we have been able to improve our communication methods with you. While the completion of this survey is voluntary, we ask you to take the time to complete the survey and encourage you to be completely frank in your responses. Please be assured that your answers are completely confidential.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to our survey.